You may have been bored to death hearing about how videos are taking over the world of digital marketing. They have great ROI, are extremely user friendly, and have a host of other benefits. They are also one of the most costly contents to create on regular basis.

Online videos are the best new way to acquire more business exposure and generate more leads for your business which means that the best way you can acquire stellar results is to find a good set of video creation tools. Traditionally, most businesses would just hire a professional video team, but the costs add up very quickly in this case. This essentially makes videos out of reach for most small businesses. While hiring professionals can do wonders for your video campaign, there are a number of things you can do on your own with the proper tools to create good videos on a budget.


tools for making videos

WEB Based Tools

If you found that you just can’t do the video on your own with the content that you have, you can work with professionals and here are some sites that might be able to help!

Go Animate

GoAnimate is suitable for those websites that want an animation video for their business. It does a great job in making the entire experience colorful and refined, which is why you should give this a shot!


With this site you can create a video ad in a matter of minutes and the experience can be more than impressive for your customers, you should just check it out!


Another site with great animated videos for your business, this one prides itself with the fact that these can be created free of charge and thus it’s a lot more affordable for you and your business.


This brand new platform wants to revolutionize the way you build vidoes. This “Canva-for-Videos” website has more than a thousand video templates to choose from to get professional looking videos quickly and in small budgets.

Raw Shorts 

With this website you can create explainer videos and it allows you to just use drag and drop in order to further refine the process and make it more interesting.


With affordable videos, incredible features and a wide range of customization options, this really manages to deliver an incredible set of results. You should give this a shot right away, it’s a great product and a truly refined one as well.


This particular site is all about creating unique, refined videos that will represent your company properly. It might be a little more expensive than others in this list though.

tools for making videos


The idea is that you need a script and once that is done, a location, actors and a camera. But working with raw footage is very hard and because of that you will have to choose one of the many video editing tools on the market. Here you can find a list with some of the best.


Screenflow is a great tool that allows you to edit videos on the fly on your Mac. It captures content from your microphone, camera or any other sources and on top of that you can also perform split track editing. You also have other nice embedded tools like green screen support, annotation, close captioning and many others that will help quite a lot.


Camtasia is a stellar tool for those that want to capture and edit video with great precision. It’s suitable for all types of video customization and editing tasks, it even adds effects so it’s a great tool for sure.


Movavi’s video editor is a great video processor that helps you join, cut and modify clips as you see fit, you can even add a good set of background songs if you want to. It’s a simpler tool when compared to the others but the video suite is great and easy to understand so you should check it out.


WeVideo is a great video editor that’s cloud based and that makes it perfect for businesses. It’s a solid product with an interesting set of results and it will surely pay off using it!


VideoPad is a great video editor and with a ton of great video and audio editing features, you can definitely see why any business, no matter how large, should want to give it a shot.

AVS Video Editor 

AVS Video Editor has been a to-go product for many businesses just because it allows great editing and even integrates conversion capabilities. You can share your videos on the web once you finish it, which would be great for your company’s exposure.


Loopster not only has an Android and iOS version, but it actually does an amazing job if you want to use it online. All you have to do is to use it and its great collaborative features then you can rest assured that the end result can be very good and rewarding to begin with.


OpenShot is a very useful video editing tool that does an amazing job in offering support, reliability and a great user experience. With good features like smooth animations, audio quality improvements and automatic backup recovery, you will definitely enjoy the unique experience that this app has to offer.

Yes, you can find quite a lot of video editing tools out there, many of which are available for free. You should definitely give the aforementioned ones a shot, but if you still need more, under the article you can also find out a few, additional ones so you have even more options to choose from!


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