Live streaming videos are more interactive and garner more attention than text or pictures. It makes for a more engaging experience as the audience is able to interact in real time. Social Media Marketing has leaped in success multifold, making its way into the marketing budget of every enterprise – whether small or large. This is largely due to the fact that it is cost effective compared to traditional marketing tools with much higher returns.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Marketing has lowered barriers for enterprises. These are platforms that audiences understand and love, so much so that social media is an integral part of most people/s lives. It is also much more cost effective than the more expensive TV commercials, billboards, and print media. With so much innovation and new technologies making its way into the marketing arena, live streaming has also found a unique place thanks to its high engagement rates, low costs and ease of execution.

Live streaming is now possible with some of the major social media channels. Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat and YouTube Live have made it extremely easy to stream live videos.

Interaction on the Go

Cisco estimates that by 2020, 75% of the mobile traffic will be video. There is little surprise then that videos in general, and live streaming, in particular, are gaining wide acceptance and tremendous popularity both from personal users and brand marketers.

With more and more people having access to smartphones, there has been an increase in the number of videos viewed year on year. People now prefer to watch videos than read texts on their handheld devices. There is plenty to be gained by adopting this trend and reaching more viewers and potential customers online. Snapchat started the trend with users interacting with their communities through live videos. This has now expanded from personal use to commercial use with brands using this channel to advertise.

Raw and authentic

Whether the live stream is from big brands and publishers, or the guy next door, live streaming is resonating with audiences because of its raw, unedited and uncensored nature. Catching your favorite celebrities up close, without the benefit of a video editor is a much more endearing experience for most fans. Even watching live events such as conferences, concerts, and product launches have an amateurish feel. While technology is advancing rapidly and there is no doubt that live streaming will get more sophisticated and better in quality, users are still intrigued by live videos.

Live streaming for business

Some brands are already using Live videos to broadcast events and product launches. Live streaming helps audiences to “attend” the event without leaving the comfort of their homes, no matter where they may be. Viewers gain access to the event, while companies gain more coverage – all with the click of a single button. Marc Jacob recently live streamed its new clothing line, giving users an exclusive look into what their collection is all about. The experiment proved to be a massive success, as the brand had the attention of many fans and followers, engaging thousands of them in a way that would not have been possible with only a physical launch. Brands are also using live streaming to communicate with their team members for collaboration and communication. Conferences and summits are now being streamed live to benefit a wider range of audiences.

Live streaming is a powerful marketing tool for businesses who want to connect with more users and engage them in a way that is memorable yet non-intrusive. With social media integrations, it is easy and inexpensive and creates a memorable customer touch-point.

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