Google+ is owned and operated by Google Inc and works on the basis of interest-based communities. Google+ lets users post photos and texts updates to the communities of their choice, create circles of different kinds of people, enable location tagging, and the ability to create private cloud-based albums.

Unlike other social media sites, Google+ has some cool features for businesses. High-quality content does relatively well in niche Circles and Communities, and this channel also helps your visibility on Google Search Results. Here are some ways to use Google+ to promote your business.

SEO advantage

Google+ has a significant impact on SEO for your website. Articles posted on Google+ carry a greater value in search results than any other social network to date.

Using visuals

Adding visuals is a great way to increase engagement with your page, and with your business. These images also show up in your brand’s search pages (SERP) much more easily. Adding location information and getting your local business or local office verified through Google helps in increasing your visibility and trust.

Creating a community

Communities are a segmented group of people who share a common interest. They are a goldmine if your business is operating in certain niche sectors since you can find dedicated communities with people who are all interested in the sector. Google+ communities are great to share and discover high-quality content, and being a regular contributor lets your business get high-quality leads and interactions.

Adding CTAs

Google+ allows the use of interactive elements and CTAs by using different label options. Adding CTAs help to increase can help the visibility and engagement of content, and drives more traffic to your website and landing pages. It makes it easier to offer special promotions and deals, or just to encourage people to click through.

Google Authorship

By adding Authorship to your content and website by using Google+, the content will appear in search results along with your business profile photo or author bio. This helps the content to stand out and hence attracts more clicks. Do be able to do this, you should link to your content from Google+ Profile page, or from your website by inserting some code. This step may require an expert to help set this up for you if you are not comfortable tinkering with the back-end of your website.


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