Tired of losing prospects? Worry no more! Check out the best insurance marketing ideas we have in store for you!

1. Make an effective plan to follow-up prospects
Aside from having this plan as the SOP in dealing with your prospects, this plan should be effective in general. You have to make this plan so that you can teach this to your staff and improve your staff’s chances of closing the deal. This includes how each agent is different from the agent down the street and how they can get rich by having THE agent-attitude.

2. Know your client: both the ideal and avoidable
Define factors like having a young family, high-risk workers, good and bad credit in the process; these can help your agents to make their own strategies on a wide-range of settings and backgrounds. Make sure you also have the right products that could fit into their needs without risking much of your company’s growth for success. You can make the most of these kinds of demographics at inexpensive rates; a good agency manager knows how to.

3. Have a professional page online
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Youtube can help your insurance agency grow big in an instant! These one-click-away portals are the most effective tools so far in today’s generation in reaching out people in all walks of life. There’s just so much potential for business to grow when you are engaged in social media platforms regularly. Hence, you have to keep a duo or team who can keep your business on the online race.

4. Stay connected with your agents and clients
Use modern devices such as cell phones to keep your agents and clients in your grasps. You can have an office phone number if you do not want your personal phone to be bombarded with concerns. Communication is highly needed in the world of insurance marketing so better keep in touch so that in case if they want to refer friends and friends of friends, you can easily make appointments and meetings. In this way, your clientele will easily expand itself in no time!

5. Take part in the local and global scene
It’s better to acquire clients first locally before you expand globally. Also, you can create connections to local networking groups or the local Chamber of Commerce.

6. Workshops and seminars for first-timers
This would be very helpful for 1st-time homebuyers of insurance. In this way, you can help them be confident that you are the right choice.

7. Have regular marketing for clients who have left
This is consistently possible especially if you want to quote again the prospects when you have changed prices, it might just change their minds about you.

8. Take advantage of the advanced technological era
This century is filled with different fast-paced ways of reaching out to your clients. Technological advancements such as emails, phone calls followed up with face-to-face meetings and warming them up via postcards can be a good way to keep your clients close and future clients closer to closing deals.

9. Have an interesting site
People usually see insurance agency as an institution of persistent persuasion and that sounds boring. Make a site that can be a relief and light-mannered. Life already offers your clients a lot of stress and remember that paying up for insurance can be stressful too, you can come up with a strategy that would make insurance something that won’t pressure them and can encourage them to invest on the right provider and that is you.

10. Motivational programs for agents and clients
Simple bonuses for referrals, monthly draws for reaching quotas, a weekly feature of the best agents and new members on the blog, social media, and newsletters are few of the many strategies that can surely be a kick-ass motivation!

11. Give an extra-mile
If your clients’ needs are met or more than expectedly met, then there’s a great chance you can keep them for a long time or even for the rest of your company’s life. Always try to innovate for more extra services that you can offer to them. The more vibrant and active your insurance agency is, the more confident your clients will be for you.

12. Group appointments are better
If you can cluster appointments by batch, the better. Just make sure these schedules fit best with your clients. This is one strategy to fit more time for your marketing. If you keep on single appointments, it would consume more time and there’s a huge chance, some of your regular clients won’t be attended.

13. Organise your clientele for good background record
Actively and regularly track your clients to know the backgrounds of your customers. In this way, you can strategize for problems and make better decisions when you know where to get the best and avoid the bad ones.

14. Marketing vs. Selling
When you sell, you persistently convince customers to buy your product. Marketing is to show them what you can provide to meet their needs. In marketing, you let them decide if they have convinced you that you are the best or not, from there, you can either improve or maintain the strategy you have used to get attention. If you bring in more prospects and send more quotes, then you are successfully on the road of a good marketing plan.

15. Strive for referrals
One way to effectively obtain more prospects and send more quotes is through referrals. Your clients are doors for more chances of prospects through their own recommendation of your insurance agency. If you can fully satisfy their needs, then there’s a greater chance they’d share you with their family and friends.

16. Gather and share testimonials of satisfaction
Gather these testimonials from clients whenever good situations and solutions arise from problems. You can also ask your agents to gather these whenever they deal with their clients. These testimonials can brighten up your website when you can post a number of them. Photos are also good representations of customer satisfaction; hence, it would be great if you can capture these moments and share them online!

17. Be effectively and efficiently different
Most customers would list down all the prominent agencies with no major rough record. Most agencies would all sound monotonous and they could be tough for the customers to decide which they should choose. If you can show different and interesting ways to cater their needs, then it could be a fresh start. You can always break the rules as long as your customers are in good and safe hands for their future. If you want to everywhere, make it happen. Prioritise regular clients but equally attend the new ones. Celebrate each time your company grows. Be unique in the eyes of your agents and clients so that they can have something to be proud of in the industry of insurance.

This post is contributed by Kevin Clyde, a Digital Marketer at Proweaver. Proweaver is a web development company, specialising in Custom Web Design helping sole proprietors and small companies increase their sales and grow their business. Kevin is responsible for Proweaver’s Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. You can find them on Twitter: @proweaver

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