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Love is in the air! This month, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve picked our Top 10 Valentine’s Campaigns. These campaigns happened within the last 2 years and are singled out for their immense popularity, uniqueness and effectiveness in communicating the romantic event.

  1. Unforgettable Post-It Propose: Korea

An ordinary office supply transforms into a cause for greater good. In this case, the Post-It note symbolises the act of romanticism, in the commemoration of what lovebirds call, the timeless Valentine’s Day. Unforgettable Post-It Propose has taken the YouTube nation by storm by garnering more than 7 million viewers to date, with this romantic and emotional narration of a marriage proposal.

As cheesy as it may seems, this video might just top all of the other ordinary Valentine’s Day gifts and celebrations that we have come across with. Maybe, this is something we can think about the next time a special occasion arises?

2. Love Manual: Ikea, Singapore

The renowned furniture retailer turned romantic elements into a quirky love-themed illustrations, consisting of its iconic Ikea hot dog. Entitled “Love Manual”, Ikea utilised its Facebook medium to drive the campaign.

They say, a relationship is never easy. However, there is a solution to every difficulty. By incorporating its “ready-to-assemble” functionality to its targeted audience, Ikea’s Love Manual depicts just that through its light-hearted, doodling campaign.

3. Public Social Campaign – Young ones, please carry condoms with you: Thailand

When it comes to advertising, promotion and public campaigns, Thailand is well-known for its heart-wrenching and emotional storylines, portraying the country’s social and political standings. While most of us think about romantic events and expensive gifts to celebrate Valentine’s, Thailand instead urges the young generation to carry condoms with them. Yes. Condoms. This peculiar Valentine’s Day message yet an effective one taken by the Thai authorities is not the first of its many public campaigns in educating its people of the serious issues the country is facing – the contraction of HIV Aids.

They say, better be safe than sorry. Hence, note to everyone: Prevention is better than cure, people.

4. ‘Exclusive’ Silhouette Portrait by DFS Group Limited & Swarovski: Hong Kong and Macau

Tying the renowned brand with tourism, DFS Group Limited collaborates with Swarovski in promoting consumers to the various products offered by the renowned retailer as well as attracting targeted groups for a trip to the local destinations of Hong Kong and Macau.

5. Take A Day Off For Love: Kit Kat and J. Walter Thompson Vietnam

Believe it or not, you are allowed to agree to disagree or disagree to agree with me on this one, Valentine’s Day is more famously commemorated by the young than the not so young. And, in this modernised society, people lose sight in love and relationships, as they are chasing to make ends’ meet.To communicate to the young demographic about Valentine’s Day with the message of ‘appreciating your beloved, significant others’, J. Walter Thompson Vietnam partners with Kit Kat to come up with an original song & video.

Incorporating Kit Kat’s tagline – Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat – the simple idea of devoting some of your time for love is indeed, timeless.

6. Pocky: Japan

Japan is undoubtedly the leader of new ideas and innovation. Not straying away from the Valentine’s Day, Pocky, everyone’s favourite snack brand, came up with a marketing campaign to not only rename its brand, but as to convey the messages of the romantic occasion as well – Affection, Gratitude and Good Fortune.

Lovecky (“Love You” in Japanese) might just be a hot snack amongst the Japanese lovebirds.

7. #CelebratingEndlessLove: Amazon, India

In welcoming the celebration of Valentine’s Day, Amazon India captivates its consumers with a heart-warming video, depicting that love knows no boundaries, age and time. Just like the title says, love is endless.

On a side note, I hope you’ve prepared boxes of tissues before watching this lovely video. If you did not, oh wells.

8. Butterfly Display: Eastern China, China

In the Chinese culture, animals and colours, amongst many others, symbolise important values which are essential for a society to follow, one way or another. As for the butterfly, it is a symbol for longevity, young love and romanticism.

Inevitably, what a better way to commemorate Valentine’s Day in China than with the display of various species of butterflies in Changzhou Shopping Centre, Jiangsu province. To lepidopterophobes, take cover.

9. Amazing Romance in Thailand: Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand

With an influx of tourists frequent the country, Thailand seems to not want to be left behind in ushering the romantic Valentine’s Day, by welcoming tourists, specifically couples, with it’s not-so-peculiar-condom social campaign.

In turn, this Land of Smiles’ passionate tourism campaign helps in the creation of an outlet whereby new couples, couples intending to propose, newly-weds and married couples are able to capture their unforgettable memories in a country like Thailand.

Win-win situation for all!

10. #AnimalValentineCard: Animal Planet, India

The association people make with Valentine’s Day is obvious. Obviously, we are talking about humans and love.

Being innovative, Animal Planet, India took a different approach for the lovely occasion. It connected with its viewers through its V Card digital campaigns. One of such is #AnimalValentineCard, drawing eyeballs to the notion of love between humans and animals.

Utilising Facebook in spearheading its digital campaign, Amazon India garnered positive response from its viewers. The campaign enables viewers to express their love for their pets and animals in general.

As sad as it may sounds, to all of the single pet lovers, this campaign certainly spoke to that particular crowd. For the not single, pet lovers, good for you.

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