In our newly launched ‘Influenshine Favourites’ monthly series, we’ll be listing our favourite content from around Asia Pacific. We’re looking at recent videos, social media campaigns, product/service launches and more! If you’d like to contribute and help us decide the next Favourites theme, use #InfluenshineFaves to connect with us!

This month, we’ve picked our top 10 Tourism and Travel Campaigns. These campaigns happened within the last 2 years and are singled out for their immense popularity, uniqueness and effectiveness in drawing in more tourism.

  1. It’s More Fun in the Philippines

In 2016, the Tourism Promotions Board collaborated with world renowned artist and Philippine Tourism Ambassador to roll out a tourism video, encouraging tourists to experience more fun in the Philippines.

Their strategic use of gave their video more credibility as he is a Filipino native, and it gives the video a sense of national pride. While is the main star of the video, he is not the main attraction as he does not distract the viewer from the beautiful imagery that is the Philippines. The background music has a simple tune and compliments the shots and scenery of the Philippines. Overall, a well thought out commercial that peeks at viewers’ interests.

2. There’s Nothing Like Australia

Earlier in 2016, Tourism Australia teamed up with Chris Hemsworth to produce a video to promote their country as a vacation destination.  Remarkably, Hemsworth helped to score a value of $54 million in equivalent advertising value (EAV).

Hemsworth never appears in the advertisement, but you know it’s him for his distinct voice and accent. The leveraging of his identity for this ad truly brought the campaign more value in terms of reach, engagement, and resonance. Hemsworth voices over a script that is emotive and persuasive, alongside a music track that sets the tone of wonder and amazement of Australia’s beauty. Australia’s sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and natural beauty take center stage in this ad, never losing the limelight to Hemsworth.

3. Kerala’s Signature Video in 2015

In 2015, Kerala Tourism released a promotional video on Youtube to showcase the culture and landscape of Kerala. In this video, their retro-like and untouched footage adds to the honesty and authenticity of Kerala’s culture. Their soundtrack used adds to the allure of the campaign in drawing you in slowly, and then completely mesmerizing viewers with scenic and real footage by the end of the video.

4. #MyRajasthan

In this campaign, Rajasthan Tourism revealed their new logo. Using sand art to produce the video, the end product was a video that was well received by the public for its artistic and advertising value.

Rajasthan is well known for its culture, songs, folk dance, folk songs, and its historical places, to name a few. The video cleverly combines the above while not having to overload the viewer with too much information, eventually leading viewers to the end of the video to discover their new logo. The video reaches out to the younger generation who are more tech-savvy while staying true to the Rajasthan culture.

5. Visit Nepal 2016

After the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal in 2015, their tourism industry has seen a big hit, an even more sore spot because the country’s economy is heavily dependent on this industry. To woo tourists back, they launched a video to tell the world that Nepal is safe for adventure.

The video romances viewers with the lure of extreme sports and those who love the natural scenery.  Although the culture of Nepal is not featured in this video, it is understandable that they would not like for the aftermath of the earthquake destruction to take center stage. Nepal is on its way to healing itself, and it is also a paradise for adrenaline junkies. Traveling across Nepal is an experience in itself due to the difficult terrain and landscape. By giving viewers aspirational goals to work towards, they have produced an emotive and persuasive video that romances viewers out of their not-so-exciting lives, to want to experience their own Nepal adventure.

6. Korea Visits You

Korea has had no shortfall of tourists due to its ever popular K-wave. However, they have shown no signs of slowing down their tourism efforts and continue to deliver good campaigns to the masses.

In their series Korea Visits You, each video showcases an individual from a different country as they prepare a surprise from Korea for them. Whether this series is scripted or not, it brings a different viewing experience from the typical tourist videos that are usually produced. They deliver a sense of Korean hospitality as well as the joy of being able to relive their memories of Korea, in Korea. This campaign definitely targets the millennials and the younger generation, and is one arm of a bigger plan to boost their tourism industry!

7. No Detail is too Small for Singapore Airlines

Targeting fans, millennials and the younger generation, SIA produced a video hosted on Youtube showing an American designer constructing a model paper airplane by hand. On Youtube, it was SIA’s most viewed video, resulting in 4 times of the average weekly growth rate for their Youtube Channel.

SIA used their different social media assets to achieve different goals. The video was launched on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. It was also launched on Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter. Linkedin had a brand-focus approach, emphasizing on the strong craftsmanship. Twitter engaged fans with fun facts, while Google+ engaged fans with a strong visual appeal. The video garnered over 30 million views on Youtube and Facebook. It has also been covered in 33 news and blog articles.

8. Stay Three, Stay Free with Hong Kong Express

For the Hong Kong-based airline, they launched a video campaign in conjunction with their 3rd anniversary, to encourage people to travel like a three-year-old. They also wanted to reach out to parents with young children, to entice them to travel despite their age.

In their video, they tell a simple story of an adult traveling despite not really enjoying, but a young child comes along and spices up his trip. Throughout, we see children dressed as mini versions of the adults, and it adds to the light-hearted and joyful emotions that the video wants to evoke. A simple storyline, coupled with genuinely good intentions, came together to create a video that won the hearts of viewers.

9. #travelfakie with Jetstar

A few months ago, Jetstar launched a campaign asking fans to create their best “fake” travel selfie, pretending that they’re on vacation when they actually aren’t. Fans with the best #travelfakie entry would be rewarded with free flights to their dream Jetstar destination.

The best part of this campaign was the low budget and scope of it all. Their promotional campaign video was a simple production, but they received many entries that doubled as user-generated content (UGC). While taking advantage of the #selfie and #instagram generation, they created a campaign that was fun and humorous that was aligned with their Jetstar’s upbeat easy-going personality.  A gallery of all entries can be found here!

10. I Hate Thailand

in 2015, Leo Burnett Group Thailand produced a video that caught on with the public immediately and went viral with over a million views within a few days of being posted.

This video shows a tourist really hating Thailand and having lost all his belongings. While the production value isn’t very high, it is evident that the video manages to tug on the heartstrings of viewers. Everyone has had bad experiences while travelling, and yet many have also managed to get help from the locals around. It is a heartwarming video with a feel-good factor, that also lets the viewer reminisce about their own travel troubles back in the day.

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