Bots have been making waves in the technology community because of the huge customer service opportunities they are opening up. They’re eliminating the need for a big army of people to answer mundane, simple questions about the company, its products, usage instructions, the sales process and handling feedback.

Bots for search

Search as we know it is changing. Some companies are beginning to employ bots and conversational platforms to allow you to find what you want on the web. Siri is an example of this – you can find information simply by asking.

With the advancements in AI applications, search will move beyond text into conversations. These systems will either be audio or text-chat enabled. Users will no longer need to type into a search bar or choose from a drop down menu. All they need to do is call up their favorite bot and have a conversation about what they want and how they want it done.

Bots for Customer Service

The fierce competition for market share has thrown up a few winners for the consumer: good customer service is now expected as a minimum, and not as an after-thought. Companies have been finding that a negative experience with the company and its customer service department has led consumers to take drastic actions: they have stopped buying from the company, told their friends about the bad service, and complained via social media for the entire world to see. You may be a small company, a startup or a large multi-national company, but bad service will snowball into a huge crisis if you don’t provide good, friendly service to your consumers.

Some companies have taken customer service to the next level by harnessing the power of the internet, and this differentiation has defined their success. A great example in this case is Uber, which sets itself apart from its competition with an excellent customer service and feedback process.

Uber gets feedback from both customers and drivers and tries their best to keep both happy – as a typical marketplace should take care of both. If a driver fails to satisfy their customers, they are removed from the fleet. If you keep in mind that Uber relies a lot on friendly referrals using reward vouchers, it makes sense that they place such high emphasis on customer service. This is how their marketing works, and this is the reason they have expanded their user base to where it is.

Microsoft thinks that the future of operating systems is based on “conversation as a platform”. Facebook has integrated chatbots into its Messenger service and is betting on its competitive advantage in the future. The big brands see this as an opportunity to personalize the digital experience that consumers have with their brands. This is an opportunity for brands to customize their personality for different people depending on the circumstances.

The Benefits of Bot-Takeover

Imagine just calling or texting a bot to enquire about the weather, the status of the football match, nearby Spanish restaurants, the differences between two similar products, how to use them correctly and being guided through a hassle free sales and checkout process – and each time being addressed correctly without having to remind the customer service representative of your name, address, details and even personal preferences. A chatbot can make the entire process pleasant and personal.


24/7 availability

These chatbots are always available, whatever the time of the day or location the world you may be in. Less human capital is required so they’re a boon for smaller businesses. They also enables companies to provide a wider range of customer services.


Better customer intelligence

Since bots would have instant access to your details, preferences and order history they are in a better position to offer personal shopping and checkout experiences.


Quicker resolution of disputes

Since there are no more manual examinations of the customer and product details, bots are better equipped to check basic information. If need be a human interaction may be facilitated, but these are kept to a minimum.

While a well-designed chatbot can be a boon for a business and its customers, a badly-designed bot can mess things up even more. Proceed with caution and understand what the acceptable standards are. A chatbot that isn’t well-designed can lead to confusion and frustration among consumers.

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