At Influenshine, our purpose is to help companies survive, and thrive, in the new world of digital marketing.


Digital technologies have rewritten the rules of customer acquisition and retention, turning the world of marketing on its head. In today’s world, marketing is digital, social, personal, interactive and permission driven. Customers wield more power today than ever before, and network effects phenomena between customers simply cannot be ignored.


Businesses need help in being ‘found’ by customers, rather than rely only on broadcasting their value proposition through traditional advertising. They then need to engage customers individually to keep them happy and loyal. They need to focus on building communities around their products, establish thought-leadership and trust in their brands, and nurture their consumers through the entire customer journey.


At Influenshine, we believe many companies with solid value propositions are at risk today if they fail to adapt – quickly! – to the changed rules of the marketing game. By contrast, companies that embrace the tremendous opportunities presented by digital marketing will thrive and will be the winners of the future.


We understand that harnessing the power of digital marketing requires skills, tools and experience that lie outside the core business model and competency set of many businesses. It also requires considerable ongoing effort, involving specialized resources many companies may not have.


Influenshine was created to fill this need – to be the digital marketing partner that helps businesses win in the new world of digital marketing!

Founder’s Story

Swati is the founder and CEO of Influenshine. After completing her degree in engineering at IIT Kharagpur, Swati worked with some of the largest global corporations, serving as a business consultant and working across the USA, Europe and Asia. She has complemented her technical and business background with digital marketing skills from Stanford University. Additionally, she has gained inter-disciplinary skills from prestigious institutions like IDEO (design thinking), Google (analytics) and General Assembly (social media marketing).

Swati blogs regularly and contributes to publications like The Huffington Post, Executive Lifestyle and others. As a technology and business enthusiast, she is associated with many startups in the thriving entrepreneurial scene of Singapore, and she provides guidance, especially on digital marketing, to several ventures. As a mother and a woman entrepreneur, Swati works with and helps other dynamic women to succeed by associating with organizations like CRIB Society and Business Women Network. She also supports charitable causes like children’s education and digital empowerment in her spare time.

Connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.